Strengthen the immune system - micronutrients for strong immunity

Micronutrient recipes to maintain and strengthen the immune system.

Our bodies are exposed to numerous stresses every day. Lack of sleep, stressful everyday life or an unbalanced diet can impair the functions of the immune system. It is therefore crucial to support and strengthen our immune system.

Micronutrients play an essential role here. The immune system treatments are based on scientifically based findings and offer you a holistic support for your health.

Targeted immune strengthening is crucial in order to cope with the demands of modern life

Our immune system-building treatments contain carefully selected pure substances to specifically support the body's own defense system. Micronutrients play an essential role because they are essential for a quick and efficient immune response. These valuable nutrients have an effect in various organs, with intact skin and mucous membranes being particularly important.

A targeted supply of high-quality micronutrients supports the defense cells of the immune system. This leads to a strengthening of the body's defense against pathogens.

The functions of the immune system are significantly influenced and supported by these valuable nutrients.

Vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients play a crucial role in promoting immune activity. They help our immune system to effectively counter external attacks and fight infections effectively. Vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients support immune activity. They help our immune system to respond effectively to external attacks.

Pharmaceutical products specially developed to keep your body's defenses optimal.


Bioactive vitamins and organic minerals manufactured and developed by pharmacists

  • Developed by experienced pharmacists.
  • Manufactured by pharmaceutical personnel in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).
  • Quality controls during all stages of production.
  • Pure substances of medical quality
  • Regular purity tests by independent laboratories
  • Use of bioactive B vitamins. For high and quick effectiveness
  • Use of organic minerals, such as zinc gluconate, for high absorption of active ingredients.
  • Recipes specifically developed to strengthen the immune system.

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